Quality Upgrades

You'll Save Money on Lighting Bills

If you've noticed your office lighting could be improved, call Lighting Technology Services Inc. Our experienced professionals utilize the latest efficiency and control technologies, and go over every fixture in your system to deliver the appropriate lumens while reducing your lighting loads and operating times to save you money.

No area goes overlooked; ensuring every area from your parking lot to the conference room is properly lit. Call today for a FREE estimate.

Improving Quality For Superior Results

  • Architectural landscape lighting and walkway lighting
  • Bollards replacements
  • Color rendition and visual acuity
  • Comprehensive point by point layout
  • Outdoor lighting conversions
  • Parking lot lighting and installation
  • Photometric studies
  • Walkway lighting

About Us

Lighting Technology Services, Inc. (LTS) is a California based full-service lighting management company providing intelligent lighting solutions to the educational, commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, government, and multi-family residential marketplace.