Lighting Poles

Our Lighting Helps Keep Your Property Well Lit

  • Aluminum, concrete, and steel poles
  • Bases, base covers, bird spikes, and missing hardware replacement
  • Epoxy kits to maintain existing bases
  • Identification of structurally weak poles, loose hardware, and missing hardware
  • New and replacement installations for poles and fixtures
  • Rust cleaning and inhibitor application
  • Ultrasonic pole inspections

Our Lighting Helps Keep Your Property Well Lit

Through Ultrasonic Pole Testing, we can detect and identify poles troubled by rust and corrosion, and replace these unsafe poles before they fall and cause costly damage. Poles rust from inside as well as outside, and Ultrasonic Pole Testing (UPT) is the only way of detecting rust and corrosion that take place on the inside. During this inspection, we also remove surface rust and spray a rust inhibitor as an extra precaution on every pole.
We offer the combination of a professional testing service along with the service of complete parking lot light pole replacements, simplifying the work for our customers. Our professionals help reduce your liability, keep your property safe and reduce the cost of replacements.
Many parking lots were designed when light was not at today’s standards. With more compact vehicles on the road, parking lots are being reconfigured and restriped to fit more vehicles, which may require lighting poles to be moved or replaced.
Put over 39 years of experience on your side by calling on Lighting Technology Services Inc. to design and install the necessary lighting poles and fixtures, which will bring your commercial property up-to-date for less.

About Us

Lighting Technology Services, Inc. (LTS) is a California based full-service lighting management company providing intelligent lighting solutions to the educational, commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, government, and multi-family residential marketplace.